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Adapting to COVID-19: How LinkedIn Can Help Users Find Their Next Job

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change Albert Einstein We’ve all seen companies suffer from their failure to adapt. Regardless of whether or not you went to business school, you may be familiar with the case studies on Kodak and Blockbuster. Through these cases, and countless others, it’s evident that adaptation is criticalContinue reading “Adapting to COVID-19: How LinkedIn Can Help Users Find Their Next Job”

The Only Newsletter I Subscribe To: Internet Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? If you don’t, you’re wrong; and believe it or not, it’s just as great over the internet. Big Spaceship, a marketing agency based in Brooklyn’s Dumbo area, is not only providing innovative marketing work to their clients but sending great content to their admirers (like me). If you’ve self-diagnosed yourself withContinue reading “The Only Newsletter I Subscribe To: Internet Brunch”

The Journey Begins

Howdy! My name is Marcus (if you couldn’t tell already) and this is an unfiltered look inside my head. At least once a month I will be giving you glance of what I’ve been thinking about in life and in marketing. Everything is game from anecdotes to tutorials to innovative marketing ideas. While I hopeContinue reading “The Journey Begins”

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