The Only Newsletter I Subscribe To: Internet Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? If you don’t, you’re wrong; and believe it or not, it’s just as great over the internet. Big Spaceship, a marketing agency based in Brooklyn’s Dumbo area, is not only providing innovative marketing work to their clients but sending great content to their admirers (like me).

If you’ve self-diagnosed yourself with FOMO, then add this to the list of things you can’t live without. When mainstream news becomes too overwhelming, I depend on Big Spaceship’s newsletter, Internet Brunch, to bring a smile to my face. Every few days I get a newsletter in my inbox detailing the latest news, trends, and memes that keeps me in the know and ahead of the curve. I’ve found this to be especially helpful as a marketer, but everyone under the sun can gain from it.

I was turned on to Internet Brunch years ago, and I’ve been getting my friends hooked on it ever since then. Go check it out here! Let it happen, you won’t regret it.

Shout out to Big Spaceship!

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